SK Innovation joins hands with Fiji for mangrove restoration

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South Korean energy giant SK Innovation announced Thursday that it will launch a mangrove restoration project on Vanua Levu, the second-largest island in Fiji, as part of its ongoing environmental campaign to tackle climate change.

Under the agreement signed with the Fijian government the day before, the project, which is scheduled to begin in November, will be fully funded by SK Innovation.

“This mangrove restoration project goes beyond simple environment protection as it embodies our strong commitment to a sustainable future,” said Sanjana Lal, who holds the post of conservator of forests at the Ministry of Forestry in Fiji.

Mangrove forests, usually found along coastlines in tropical countries, is considered effective in combatting global warming, as it absorbs carbon dioxide five times better than typical forests.

Further, the dense roots of mangroves retain sediments and stabilize the soil, which can prevent flooding and reduce damage arising from natural disasters such as tsunamis.

The project comes as regions in the South Pacific have become particularly vulnerable to rising sea levels and coastal erosions triggered by climate change.

Starting with the mangrove reforestation project in southern Vietnam in 2018, SK Innovation has restored a total of 226 hectares of mangroves in Southeast Asia, or around some 820,000 trees.

Additionally, it will look into ways to engage the participation of local residents in the project while also exploring diverse collaboration opportunities with organizations to expand the initiative.

“Through this project, we seek to achieve mutual prosperity with the local community, in addition to delivering environmental values,” said Lim Su-kil, head of SK Innovation's value creation center.